Blind Spot Warning Signal

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I rented a car awhile back that was fully equipped with the current trend in warning signals. It would warn you when you were backing out of a parking space and got too close to the curb, or another car. It would also warn you as you were driving and a car in the other lane got to close. A simple beep, beep, beep, and you make the correction.

We all have blind spots. Areas in our life—in our personality—in which, if we’re not careful, can undo us in a moment. Areas in our life where we unwittingly creep into another lane. Areas where we can do some damage.

In leadership, we can slip into micro-managing people (or a particular person) by rationalizing that you’re just trying to help. Or, perhaps, we used to be “yellers” frequently raising our voice at an employee to get their attention and get your way. We feel we’ve overcome that and then one day out of frustration, we let it go.

In culture, we can look the other way when an employee, or division, or unit, or franchise doesn’t model who we are as an organization or even worse goes against our stated vision and mission.

In service, we can slip into the lane of customer complacency, just going through the motions, and not really caring.

We need a blind spot warning signal. Something, or someone, who can quickly get our attention and call us back to be the effective leader we want to be. It could be an associate who we’ve empowered to “call us on it.” Or it could be something as simple as a rubber band on our wrist which we snap when we go too far into the other lane.

To install this feature into your life you need:
• Know your weakness and tendencies
• Have the courage to talk to someone about it
• Be self-aware
• Empower someone to call you on it
• Repeat

With our own bling spot warning signal installed in our life, we can more effective leaders, more consistently, and be the leader people want to follow.

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