Loving where you work

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Over 40 years of working at both large organizations and small ones; profit and non-profit; I have been fascinated with the degree of contentment people have with their employer. (by employer I mean the overall organization not your specific supervisor) I have seen and experienced the full spectrum: from absolute disgust to total endearment. I have seen people who can’t stand their employer to people who are completely in love with them. I’ve seen people who get literally sick because they have to go into work, to people who can’t wait to go into the office.

Usually, though, it’s that in-between spot: a place of indifference. A tolerance. Or a “trade-off,” where you put up with your misery for the sake of the paycheck. You make the best of it.

One of the saddest things to me are people who simply don’t like where they work. They dread every day they have to go in to work.

It shouldn’t be this way.

We were created to work. Our Creator designed it into our DNA. Work is a wonderful thing.

So, how do you love where you work if you don’t love where you work?

-look at impact, not title
When you begin to see who you are impacting and how you are impacting them, you begin to realize that this place where you work provides opportunities to be a difference maker in other’s lives. The quest for a title can be an elusive butterfly you never catch, and it’s frustrating. But you may have more opportunity for impact at the position you are at.

-look to learn and grow, not be the show
We grow to become the best version of ourselves when we learn from our experiences, good and bad. Maybe, not being in the ideal place right away will help you appreciate the difference in future endeavors. Consider this your training ground. You are the learner while your employer is the teacher. You’re here to learn something valuable.

-be the change, let it leak
We can help make this a better place, not by looking for sweeping changes but by implementing small improvements. More water will stay in the bowl if you let it leak out, rather than make a big splash!

Ultimately, however, if you’ve grown weary and impatient, find a place you love to work where you can show up every day with a sense of enthusiasm and joy. They’re out there.
Find out more about how to love your work and be the change in my book: Leadership Qualities People Crave at www.johnelzinga.com/products

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