Success first, numbers second

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We are so absorbed and addicted to numbers we can’t get away from it. It seems all our goals and targets are numbers related.

Every year we review the past and aim at the next year goals. We want to increase sales, traffic counts, guest loyalty, and decreases expenses, inventory, and other related costs. We set our target increases by percentages and put on the pressure to achieve these goals.

But what is success? Isn’t it (or shouldn’t it be) to achieve our Vision, Mission, and live out our Values?

I think a subtle dynamic is in play when it comes to our Vision, Mission, and Values. My suspicion is that we unwittingly and unknowingly create a V/M/V to achieve our real goals, which are numbers.

Our real goals are numbers, sales etc. and we create nice mission statements in hopes that will connect us with our customers and drive them through the door.
But it should be the other way around. Success is being who we say we are, achieving our vision, being led by our mission and living out our values.

We need to believe so strongly in these things that it becomes our singular driving force.
If we do, the numbers will follow. Success first, numbers second.

But wait….

We either don’t believe in what we feel our calling is or we don’t trust it enough to put it first.

Some companies have come along way. They talk about their V/M/V all the time, even in most meetings. They have come far enough to put their V/M/V along side of their real goals. But they don’t trust it enough to put it first. It’s not really their driving force, numbers still reign supreme!

Trust in being who you were called to be, as an organization. Fully embrace that. Let that be your driving force and the numbers will follow. Success first, numbers second.

If you are really proud of your identity, and really sure of your unique calling, put that first because that’s who you are. Success first, numbers second.

Success first, numbers second!

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