The Key to Effective Training

What is the key to effective training?  Technical skills? Teaching skills? Facilitation Skills? HR knowledge?  Modeling? Coaching? Presentation skills?  Knowledge transfer? Understanding the Blooms Taxonomy? Of all the things talked about in training circles I have found there are two things not usually talked about that are the real keys to effective training. They are: … More The Key to Effective Training

Renovation or Revitalization? …. REVNovation

Does your organization need renovation or revitalization? We think of renovation as taking an existing building that is run down or outdated and we renovate it by bringing in new flooring or updating the windows or siding, painting it a new fresh color, etc. We think of revitalization as bringing something that is dying back … More Renovation or Revitalization? …. REVNovation

The New Customer

The restaurant and hospitality business has been hit hard by this pandemic.  As restaurants begin to open up with restrictions based on social distancing, and staff wearing masks, I heard a comment made by a restaurant owner who said, “sadly, we are not able to give our customers the kind of friendly service they’ve come … More The New Customer

The New Smile

One of the most effective and simple ways to engage a customer, or anyone for that matter, is smile. A smile has an immediate effect on people.  When someone smiles at us, we automatically smile back.  But a smile is more than a smile.  When we smile, it changes the chemicals in our brain that … More The New Smile

Empty Promises

The world of commerce is filled with empty promises. It’s more common than not to promote our product or service as the best, the biggest, the world’s greatest, the fastest, the strongest, and so on. I kid you not, there is a candy store located in southern Minnesota that promotes itself as “the world’s largest … More Empty Promises

How Remembering People’s Names Delivers Great Hospitality

Many years ago, I was working for a company in the office furniture industry. Every year we had a convention in which dealers, designers, architects, and end users would walk through our showrooms. After the show was over one night about twelve of us went out to dinner to Alan Hale’s Lobster Barrel on La … More How Remembering People’s Names Delivers Great Hospitality

How’s your Peas?

One of the Keys to Legendary Service is to treat Customers as if they were Angels! Imagine, if you will, that you knew that one of the customers that came into your establishment was an Angel. How would you react? How would you treat them? What would you do? What would you say? I have … More How’s your Peas?