Renovation or Revitalization? …. REVNovation

unfinished wall
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Does your organization need renovation or revitalization?

We think of renovation as taking an existing building that is run down or outdated and we renovate it by bringing in new flooring or updating the windows or siding, painting it a new fresh color, etc.

We think of revitalization as bringing something that is dying back to life.

Is your organization or industry dying or does it simply need renovating?  Do you need to simply need to bring in something new or do you need to create a new life form?

In today’s new world, I think both.  Let’s call it REVNovation.

Maybe you need to ad something or subtract something.  In some cases, letting something go, eliminating some of your products or service may be the very thing you need to renovate it.

But I sense there is or will be a great need for revitalization.  You need more than just renovation.  You need new life.

Here are a few brainstorming questions that will help you or your organization REVNovate.

-What is ancillary to your business? Can you eliminate these things?

-look at your M/V/V, can you fulfill your mission doing something else?

-is there something in your M/V/V that needs to change?  Is everything written applicable today and into the new world?

-if you were to start your business today (from scratch) what would it look like?

-What does your customer/guest/client like most about your offering?

-What does your customer/guest/client like the least?

There is a new wind blowing, it is the wind of change.

Now is the time to REVNovate.



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