The New Smile

smileOne of the most effective and simple ways to engage a customer, or anyone for that matter, is smile.

A smile has an immediate effect on people.  When someone smiles at us, we automatically smile back.  But a smile is more than a smile.  When we smile, it changes the chemicals in our brain that affect our mood, our attitude, and even our experience

This is not new; in customer service circles it’s been talked about for years.  We love to do it and customers love to be on the receiving end of a smile.

But now things are significantly different.  Now, we have to cover up our mouths with a mask, hiding our smiles.  But does it….

Like most of you, I have been hunkered down in my home and only go out for the necessary things like groceries.  Yesterday, at the grocery store, I noticed something.

I noticed people smiling at each other through their masks.  I didn’t see their actual smile, but what I noticed more than ever before, that when someone smiles you can see it in their eyes.

You can smile with your eyes!  I noticed multiple people smiling at each other as they passed by in the aisle, and at the check-out counter.  As a result, it made me smile and for that moment made my life a little bit better.

When we smile, the creases in our skin around the eye, lift up and make our eyes light up.

The New Smile is simply smiling and let your eyes do the talking.

It makes a difference to the people we come in contact with.  It makes a difference to the people we serve.  It makes a difference because it shows our humanity.  In the midst of our impersonalization with social distancing and being locked up in our homes, it creates a connection, even if just for a moment.  It shows we care.

Today, smile, even if you have a mask on.  You will smile with your eyes.





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