The fastest way to customer loyalty

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The fastest way to gain customer loyalty has nothing to do with discounts or sales or even service.

It has to do with how you and your employees view your customer, or people in general.
If customers are viewed as an object to be enticed, manipulated, or conquered they will not be loyal to you. And unfortunately, that is what most of customer attraction models are.

The fastest way to customer loyalty is to see them, see everyone really, with your heart.
It starts with the heart, not the head. It starts with a focus on their life, their situation, and their needs. It is to be thoroughly and completely enamored with them—the customer.

In my book, Leadership Qualities People Crave, I site the example of my wife, preparing dinner for our holiday get togethers. We have six children and seven grandchildren. I call my wife the Theme Lady, because we have decorations for every occasion. But especially on holidays she goes all out. Decorations galore!

She sets the table like it was a masterpiece. Special tablecloth. Special dishes, and stemware. Special candles. And special, holiday appropriate decorations. Since we are people of faith, she will also spend hours looking for a special Scripture she will put on a name card she will have for each person—thought of and appropriate just for them and their life. Everything’s special because to her, we are special.

She designs the whole experience from the perspective of seeing us—each of us—with her heart.

Who isn’t drawn to that kind of attention? Who isn’t attracted to that kind of care? Who doesn’t want more of that kind of treatment?

If you want customer loyalty, see them with your heart, and if you do that you will capture their heart!

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