The Key to Effective Training

What is the key to effective training?  Technical skills? Teaching skills? Facilitation Skills? HR knowledge?  Modeling? Coaching? Presentation skills?  Knowledge transfer? Understanding the Blooms Taxonomy? Of all the things talked about in training circles I have found there are two things not usually talked about that are the real keys to effective training. They are: … More The Key to Effective Training


Occasionally I will take the opportunity to introduce to you some people who have made a significant impact on others, in various professions. In addition, we will uncover how they integrated their faith and life and how their faith affected how they worked. Today I will introduce you to Nate Breen. @NateBreen;

What is a Coach?

ATD recently tweeted out a few questions to engage fellow trainers on the topic: What is coaching? My answer was: Uncovering what’s inside a person, their gifts/strengths/desires/interests and bring it into the outside space of their lives.  Helping them become maximized. To me, that is the heart of it.  There is a lot involved in … More What is a Coach?

She and Her Husband combined forgiveness and faith into a recipe for life and business

Anne Beiler founded Aunte Anne’s Pretzels @AunteAnnes, which is a well-known franchise providing wonderfully made fresh pretzels for snacks and enjoyment.  They have a ubiquitous presence in malls and airports throughout the nation. When you untangle the proverbial pretzel of their lives you will find a foundation which is much more than flour and … More She and Her Husband combined forgiveness and faith into a recipe for life and business

Redo your Mission?

I had a friend, who, when he was 70 years old redid his personal mission statement.  That was about 15 years ago.  The wonderful wisdom of this man was his ownership of the Seasons of Life. Seasons, phases, and changes in life and the contextual landscape of our ever-changing realities more than suggest that it … More Redo your Mission?