Occasionally I will take the opportunity to introduce to you some people who have made a significant impact on others, in various professions. In addition, we will uncover how they integrated their faith and life and how their faith affected how they worked. Today I will introduce you to Nate Breen. @NateBreen;

One thought on “Introducing…

  1. I’ve had the pleasure of meeting Nate Breen while he was still in college, dating my daughter. I can tell you he is the same person now, as he was as back then. He truly is a man of integrity and faith. He is passionate about what he does! Whether in his role as a father, husband, son-in-law, or talking to someone passing by, he is true to himself. Anyone who hires Nate, will have a friendly, loyal, compassionate man on their team!

    John, thank you for taking the time to spend with Nate, as he explores his future.

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