Finding your sweet spot

How do you know what your “sweet spot” is?

Of all the things I know, it is that most everyone longs to be maximized and fulfilled in what they do. We search for that sweet spot, that part of our job/career where we shine. The place where our giftedness and talent comes out.

There is an old poem about an auction and violin. The auctioneer was asking $1, then $2, maybe $3 for this old violin. No one was interested. Then from the back of the room, an older man comes up and plays some beautiful melodic tune that sounded like the Angels were playing it. It was captivating! Immediately, the auctioneer turns to the crowd and asks for $1,000, then $2,000, and $3,000 for this old violin. When the master violinist plays the old violin, it becomes highly valued.

It is like that when you find your sweet spot.

So how do you find that sweet spot?

It took me many years to find mine. Well frankly, I discovered it and kind of sort of knew what it was, but it wasn’t until I exercised that gift in different venues that I really became confident in what it was. My sweet spot is delivering keynote messages and seminars on leadership, organizational culture, and guest service. I discovered that these messages I deliver speak to the heart of both organizations and individuals.

First, when you’re operating in your sweet spot, you are so focused that time flies by almost without notice. You are in the zone, unaware of time and totally involved in what you are doing.

Second, when operating out of your sweet spot you enhance the quality of your company’s product or service. You make them better because you are doing what you do best. There is usually some kind of acknowledgment or affirmation from your team members and leaders.

Third, and most importantly, when operating within your sweet spot, your impact on your target audience becomes noticeable. The product or service is enjoyable and beneficial for them. It makes their life or the way they do business better.

For me, I began my career in the ministry: speaking, teaching, and preaching. Then I entered the business world in sales. I discovered over time, I wasn’t really a great salesman, I was a great presenter. I loved presenting a product and showing customers how valuable this product would be for them. In both cases I became a rabid researcher, studying every aspect of human and organizational behavior. Out of this came a fascination with leadership, culture building, and guest service. I got lost in it, totally enveloped in understanding and crafting a message that would have an impact.

As I developed this craft, it became more and more noticeable that this gift, my sweet spot, was a benefit to the organizations I served. Affirmation followed.

But most importantly, I realized what a wonderful and dramatic effect this had on those who heard my message. People were emotionally drawn in, and in many cases, changed. It hit them where they lived. It captured their heart and subsequently transformed them and their organizations, some in a big way, while others may be just the way they thought about things.

I encourage you to look for that sweet spot where you shine. Look for the things that you do, that when you do them, time flies by. Be aware of any indications of affirmation by your team members and organization that will support your inclination of these things. Find what part of what you do makes a difference to someone else.

And most of all, enjoy the journey.

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