Having GPS Failure?

Yesterday my wife and I were driving from a retail store in North Vegas back to our condo in Henderson. I’m still using GPS on my phone a lot because we don’t know our way around. I do have an idea of where the freeways are in relationship to our area.

Anyway, I programed in our destination, it gave me three options, I chose the one I thought was the best, and it kept “recalculating.” I was sure it was going to take us on the freeway. NOT. Then I thought it would take us on the side roads we came on. NOT. It took us….get this….through the airport! I’m not kidding you. Through the airport! Through the departure terminals. Through the airport! Now mind you, it was hot out, and my phone was literally hot. It wasn’t recalculating fast enough for it—or me—to make the usual corrections. It was ridiculous.

What I realized was how dependent I am upon GPS. I put my full faith and trust in it to get where I need to go. And it’s not always correct.

I’ve experienced small mistakes in which there were easy adjustments. Like, it says I have arrived on my destination on the right, when it actually was on the left. Or it says I’ve arrived, and it was actually a couple blocks further. But this was the biggest, most agonizing failure.

In life, and in business, we tend to trust our GPS too much. And we hope we will recalculate in time.

What is our life/business GPS?

In this case GPS stands for Goals, Plans, and Strategies.

Relook at them. Get fresh input. Make sure you’ve not been so complacent that some day, unaware it will freeze up on you and steer you wrong.

Something to think about.

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