Culture Cleaning

One of the single most powerful things you can do as an organization is to intentionally and deliberately build your culture. It speaks louder than anything you will ever do.
It speaks to your employees and simultaneously speaks to your customers, your constituents.

It can breathe life into what you are doing or cut it down to the quick.
So many organizations are unintentionally fraudulent. They talk a good tune, sound great, but deliver something quite different.

To best insure that you are who you say you are I suggest you clean out your culture of everything that will speak something fraudulent to who you really are. Go culture cleaning.

The three tools you will need in order to begin cleaning your culture are to look, feel, and ask.

Look. Spend some time being painstakingly aware of your environment within your organization. Look at the physical surroundings. Look at and watch interactions between employees and employees, managers and employees, and employees and customers. What does this tell you about who you are? Write it down.

Feel. As you are looking, how do you feel? Do you feel tenseness? Awkwardness? Stress? Joy? Happiness? Are you smiling or frowning? Are your people smiling or frowning? Do you feel excitement or entrapment? Write it down.

Ask. Spend time asking questions person to person. Don’t just issue a survey on paper or digital, you can’t see the facial expressions, nor can you hear the tone when you just have people fill out a survey. Ask your employees if they feel fulfilled? Are they doing what they do best? Do you think we’re delivering what we say we are going to deliver to our customers? Ask customers if they could get more from you what would that more be? How do they feel when they leave your establishment, whether physically, off a phone call, or even after viewing your web site? Write it down.

As you compare notes between what you have written down, and who you say you are, you can form a list of what needs to go; to be cleaned out.

Then do the hard work of cleaning your culture.

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