Because I said so….

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Sometimes we as leaders (and parents) get tired of questions. We just want people, whether our children or employees to do what we said. We don’t want them to ask why. We just want them to get on with it and move ahead. We tell them to do things because we know what we’re doing. We’ve got the experience. We set the plans, and we understand the reasoning behind why we want someone to do things.

Asking why, sounds like a challenge, it sounds confrontive, and it sounds rebellious.
But people—and today especially Millennials—want meaning in what they do. They want to know why because meaning provides purpose and motivation. A check isn’t enough. “Because I said so,” isn’t an answer!

Here’s what you get when you give the why behind what you are asking people to do: excited, motivated, dedicated, loyal and enthusiastic people, who will now do things with excellence. They will approach the what with passion because they know the why.

Give your employees (and children, as they grow) meaning in what they’re doing.

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