Kings, Queens, and CEOs

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To be in charge…

To be the Top Dog, the Head Honcho, the Supreme Leader isn’t that the goal of every leader? To be King, Queen, CEO or President, Senior Leader or Department Head. To be in charge or a group of people, to be in control, to direct their path.

Isn’t that the ultimate, the quest, the ideal?

You rise to the top, and you’ve finally arrived! You’ve got fame and fortune, the notoriety and significance you’ve been working for. You are in charge, in control, the key person directing the traffic and lives of others.

As you stand on top of the mountain, with your hands on your hips, you look around and think, “look at me, I’m above all these people.” You are filled with a sense of largeness, bigness, and importance. Your kingdom may be small or large but either way, as you look down from your mountaintop knowing you’re in charge!

If this was or is your goal, and if this is the mountain you’re looking to stand on, let me suggest to you that you’re on the wrong mountain.

Real leadership, impactful leadership, does not look down from the mountaintop but looks up to the Maker of the mountain.

Real, impactful leadership looks to serve rather than be served

The real, impactful leader is more focused on caring for people rather than controlling people

Dear leader, what kind of leadership are you looking for, and what mountain are you trying to climb?

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