How Leadership is Experienced

Front CoverYou may be a great leader.

You may think you’re a great leader.

But the key question is, what do the people you lead think? How do they experience your leadership? And, if your first reaction is: “I don’t care what my people think,” you’re not a great leader, in fact you may be a tyrant.

Over the years I discovered that there are a hole host of leaders who lead in a way in which they think is effective, but instead they create a lot of resentment and bitterness. Their employees are probably on the look out for a position in a better, friendlier company.

There is a kind of leadership that is probably the most effective kind of leadership I’ve discovered. I call it the S-Factor. You can discover this leadership style in my book: Leadership Qualities People Crave.

Let me give you a preview. It involves being more nurturing than dominating, caring than controlling, and serving than being served. This usually means taking your normal inclination and doing the opposite. We are after all by nature self-serving individuals. Serving others, especially our employees takes a conscious effort.

And if your wondering, what will the result be?
Employees who are loved, cared for, and engaged by their leaders are not only more effective, but want to follow their leaders rather than have to follow them.
Take the next step and find out how to lead effectively.

Leadership Qualities People Crave

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