What are your leadership tendencies?

Front CoverIn my book, Leadership Qualities People Crave, before I get into what effective leadership looks like I present what dysfunctional leadership looks like. We need to face the reality that we all have leanings or tendencies that are not so effective. Things we do that cause harm and damage to the people we lead.

Before you discount this idea outright, (because you are a good and effective leader) let me say we are not just one thing, or one person. We are all a mix of good and bad, effective and ineffective, gracious and demanding, kind and ornery. We may lead effectively with one person, but ineffectively with another. Let me put it this way; I’ve known some incredibly humble people who, every once in awhile show the face of pride. I’ve known some generous and giving people who are also mean and controlling.

Here are the six dysfunctional leadership styles (in summary):

Hovering Harry: these are the micro-managers of the world
Demanding Dan: these are the dictators
Manipulative Mary: these are the controllers and manipulators
Dave the Dumpster: these are the yellers
Ian the Impersonal: these are those who talk about numbers all the time
Pam the Patronizing: these are those who talk down to us.

Now let these thoughts wash over you. Go internal and do some soul searching. What are your tendencies?

The good news is that we can overcome these tendencies. In my book, Leadership Qualities People Crave, I show you how.

If you’re interested you can order the book here on my website in the products section: www.johnelzinga.com/products

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