Does it “fit?”

Congruence…. OK, a big, not commonly used word. The definitions are: (adjective) agreeing; accordant; congruous. In Geometry: coinciding at all points when superimposed: congruent triangles. ( Something is congruent when it “fits” with something that would be “normal” or standard for us. It “fits” when it lines up with or is consistent with something we … More Does it “fit?”


We live in a world of sameness. Yet each organization, each seller of goods and services, seeks to be different and distinct. The ‘Big Box Stores’ all have a similarity. Most restaurants do a good job yet struggle with the same issues, thus, it feels somewhat the same wherever you dine. When it comes to … More Sameness

Culture Mood

When it comes to culture, feeling is everything. When we walk into the arena of culture, we get distinct feelings, some more acute than others. But be clear about this, every organization emits a cultural feeling. The feelings we have shape our perspective, right or wrong. And that perspective shapes our experience with that organization; … More Culture Mood

Unwrap Potential

The single greatest thing you can do as a Servant Leader is unwrap the potential that is within each person who reports to you. It is the season to give, and the gift you can give each person is the gift of themselves. Give them to them. That’s an enduring present. That’s a present that … More Unwrap Potential

Belief Determines Behavior: the key to great customer service

We typically act out of our belief system. What we believe about a person, place, thing, or circumstance will set the course for how we will act upon or relate to it. What people believe about you or your organization will determine how they act toward you. Case in point: there was a hotel I … More Belief Determines Behavior: the key to great customer service

The Culture Reality

We find culture everywhere we go. Every country has a culture, every organization has a culture, every family has a culture. Everywhere we go we step into culture. We feel culture. Culture overcomes us, surrounds us, and thrusts itself upon us. You cannot escape culture. That is the cultural reality. When anyone walks into our … More The Culture Reality