Start with the heart

coworkers talking at a cafe
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Here’s what I’ve learned with over 45 years of experience in both the profit and non-profit sectors about leadership: When leaders start with the heart, they gain understanding.  When they gain understanding they are able to lead people more quickly and more effectively.  People follow leaders who possess the Leadership Qualities People Crave.  Start with the heart.

You see, the strongest leaders have the biggest hearts.  As I say in my book, they see people with their heart.” When you see people with your heart you see them through the lens of understanding who they are, how they’re wired, what their strengths are.  You see the personal stuff too: their background, their struggles and their joys and successes.  You see them as a whole person, not a machine.  You engage the whole person.

An employee is not just an employee.  (Captain Obvious would say so too)

An employee is a human being, with feelings, emotions, thoughts, and wisdom.

A leader does not hover, control, manipulate, dominate, yell, agitate, or ignore people.

A leader loves the people they lead, and love starts with the heart.


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