legoCongruence is the fit or the connection between what you believe about who you are and your actual life.  Everything lines up.  When you take two Legos and put them together because they line up just right, they fit just right, and you can hear them snap together. They are congruent, they are meant to be together.

Unfortunately, so much of our life is incongruent. To be incongruent is when the pieces of our life don’t snap together, they don’t seem to fit, and we are out of sync.  It’s like a square peg in a round hole.

So much of our real strength comes when we live in congruence. When we align who we are to what we do.  When our life matches our faith.

You can’t have confidence without congruence.  You can’t lead well until you lead with congruence.  You can’t impact people without congruence.  And it’s really hard to get ahead without congruence.

Here are some simple guidelines to help you gain congruence in your life:

  • Know what your strengths are and make sure you are using them within the context of your organization.
  • Know what your purpose is and make sure you are working for an organization in which you can pursue your purpose
  • Know your values and make sure you are not compromising your values within the context of your work
  • Know your belief systems. Make sure your faith connects to how you live and work

If you want strength and confidence in your life, live in congruence.

If you would like to know more about how to do this, you can get my book: Sailing the Seven Seas of Life.  You can find it on my website at     (This is a faith based book and it is in very limited supply)






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