As of July 1st, I will be living in Henderson, Nevada. From there I will be strategically positioned to fly anywhere in the nation to deliver high impact keynote messages and seminars.
I am transitioning as a Training Consultant for Pizza Ranch and will continue to teach and inspire managers to become leaders, to create a culture that is intentional, purposeful, and consistent with the Pizza Ranch culture and to deliver to our guests legendary experiences.
Recently, Pizza Ranch was highlighted as the most beloved Pizza Restaurant in the nation https://bit.ly/2HM4Egw! Now, I’m not going to claim that we gained this status because I teach our managers these qualities, but I’m also not going to say that it’s not a factor.
Over the years, I’ve noticed is that people are looking to follow leaders who exhibit certain qualities that people crave! In fact, it’s easy to follow leaders who possess these qualities.
These qualities need to be intentionally perused and developed. They are not natural or automatic. And these qualities are what I reveal and teach in my seminars and keynote messages.
If you’re interested in developing your managers into leaders, having a culture that matches who you say you are, and gaining fanatic, loyal guests you will want to have me come and speak to your organization. And if you mention this posting by saying “I saw your posting about being a Training Consultant,” I will give you a 50% discount off my speaking fee.
I look forward to hearing from you.
John Elzinga
Contact me at john@johnelzinga.com


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