The Puzzle Pieces Need to be Different

I don’t know how many of you are puzzle players, but there is one fascinating thing we can understand about solving a puzzle. The pieces are all different shapes, sizes, and colors—and need to be.

The toughest part of the puzzle is when the pieces appear to be the same, and we may spend endless minutes trying to match them up. Like when the upper right-hand corner of a puzzle is the blue sky, with some clouds thrown in.

It’s only when there is a clear distinction that we can solve it easily.
Sameness is boring. With sameness it’s hard to know how to fit people into their best spot.

When we see distinct differences, we see how to fit things together.
As leader/managers the key to high performance is not looking for sameness but distinctions.

When you look for and see the distinctions in the people you lead, you then see them for who they are, and you begin to put the pieces of the puzzle together. Your challenge is to put the pieces together so that the entire puzzle works together.

And when you do that, everybody wins, especially the organization.

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