A Walk and a Mounds Candy Bar

When I grew up my grandfather lived about 2 hours a day. Back in the day, that was a drive.

I got to see my grandparents perhaps two or three times a year.

But whenever my Grandparents came, my Grandpa would do two things:
He would almost always give me a Mounds bar—his candy bar of choice and would want to take a walk.

Funny how things like a candy bar and a walk fix in your memory banks, but whenever I see a Mounds it triggers the memories of my Grandfather and what we would talk about on our walks.
My memories of him are always of joy. He was a joyful man. He loved to laugh. And he was a loving man. I remember discussions of grace, of kindness toward others, and of faith.
We all have triggers. Memories that are activated by music, settings, smell, even candy bars.

I love Mounds because I loved my Grandfather.

But here is why I bring this up.

What triggers do you want to activate in your customers, your guests, your constituents?
When they walk in your door or enter some kind of relationship with you, what do you want them to remember? An experience of joy, excitement, contentment, satisfaction and happiness?

What will trigger these feelings in them? Your smile, a listening ear, or them simply walking out getting what they hoped for in your product or service? Or could it be even more spectacular: astonishment as you deliver more than expected!

Pay attention to the triggers that tap into the feelings of your customers and you and your organization will deliver pleasant thoughts as they think of your product or service.
For me, seeing a Mounds bar reminds me of the good times with my Grandfather.

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