Celebrate Labor

Everyday, we get a chance to bring the best of ourselves to our work.
We can contribute.

We can access and use the gifts and strengths which lie within each of us.

We can make our organizations better.

We can make our team better, and because of us bring out the best in our colleagues and associates.

We were designed and created to work. And one of the greatest joys in life is seeing the fruit of our labor. Not just our paycheck, but the outcome of what we do.

We each have a part in creating, building, and renewing.

There is a story you’ve probably heard, and I’m going to modify it.

Three brick masons were building a cathedral.

The first was asked, what do you do? He responded, “I am a brick mason and put brick on foundations and facia of buildings like this.”

The other said, “I am part of a construction crew who builds beautiful buildings like this.”

The third person said, “I get to be a part of creating buildings that will last for centuries in which people will come week after week, year after year to worship God. Because of what I do, people can see the magnificent glory of God. I help people worship.”

The first was thinking about his labor as a task, a chore, maybe a necessary evil.

The second was thinking a little broader and thinking about beauty.

The third was thinking about purpose. That he was a part of something significant and had a spiritual connection in people’s lives. He knew his why.

We were designed and created to work, and everyday we have an opportunity to be who we were designed to be. Today we get to celebrate work.

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