A Thankful Heart

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Photo by Carl Attard on Pexels.com

There is just something about being thankful that removes walls and barriers in our life.
The power of thankfulness can overcome depression and anxiety.

And thankfulness provides us a way of understanding that while everything may not work out the way we planned, the way things have worked out can be pretty amazing.

Thankfulness doesn’t come because you’ve lived a perfect life and have a lot of stuff.
Thankfulness often comes precisely because we’ve got issues, problems, and struggles.
Who has not gained wisdom because they failed at something?  Who has not gained empathy because they went through a physical, emotional, or financial trial?

Thankfulness resets our framework and when we are thankful, we see things more clearly. Thankfulness gives us hope. When we are thankful, we are hopeful.
Do you have a thankful heart?

This week, don’t just go through the list and say, “I’m thankful for my home or thankful for my car.” Yes, be thankful for these things. Add to that this exercise:
Because of this __________, I am thankful. Because of that, I wouldn’t have ______________. [understood this, or found this person, or come to this company, or lived here, or met that person, and so on]

It works like this: Because I lost everything, I found my way to Pizza Ranch (www.pizzaranch.com )to work in the training department. Without that loss, I would have never had even heard of them. And I am so thankful for all I have experienced while I was there. Note: it’s not that I’m overjoyed and doing cartwheels for losing everything. There was a lot of pain, and still is, because of that. But it also provided a experience and a perspective I would never had.

Fill in the blanks with your issues, problems, and struggles. And when you do, and know and understand where they have led you, thankfulness will overflow from you and you will have a thankful heart.

Happy Thanksgiving

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