Behavior Planning

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You’ve made your plans for next year. You’ve set goals. You calculated the numbers and have budgets in place. You’re gearing up filled with excitement about what next year can bring to you and your organization.

But hold on. You may have missed something.

In all of your planning and working with the numbers, did you consider the scary truth that setting number targets and goals doesn’t achieve the number we set?
The only thing that gets you to your numbers and goals are behaviors. Character traits and habits that have a direct impact upon people who are responsible for getting us the numbers we aim at.

Let’s say you want to increase the traffic count in your store by 10%. So you’ve set your marketing budget to advertise more. Great. But. Are there behaviors your team members can exhibit in your store when your customers come in that will make them not only want to come back but will tell others about their experience? The experience and interactions your customers have with your team members directly relates to whether they will return or give you a good report to their friends and family.

So, you realize that their first encounter when they enter the store shapes their entire experience. How they are greeted is a BIG deal. A personal greeting is something special. Reaching out and shaking someone’s hand and saying, “welcome to the most caring place in town!” will certain show the customer that they are going to experience something different and remarkable.

Shaking someone’s hand and delivering a personal welcome is a character trait or behavior that must be developed within your team. This is how you greet people that come in your store, this is the behaviors that you will exhibit which will cause your customers to fee super-welcome and want to come back.

Connect the behaviors to the end goals but make the behaviors the actual goals.
What ae the behaviors you and your organization need to exhibit that will cause your goals and targets to be met? Plan on developing those this coming year within your team.

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