Unwrap Potential

white and red gift boxes
Photo by George Dolgikh on Pexels.com

The single greatest thing you can do as a Servant Leader is unwrap the potential that is within each person who reports to you. It is the season to give, and the gift you can give each person is the gift of themselves. Give them to them.

That’s an enduring present.

That’s a present that keeps on giving.

That’s a present of unlimited worth.

That’s a present that is priceless.

Because of you, they discover their worth.

Because of you, they add value.

Because of you, they are the best version of themselves.

Because you, the organization flourishes as each person, fully aware of what gifts they bring, delivers that mysterious quality only it can bring because of the collection of unique, magnificent, high-performing people you developed.

Because you unwrapped their potential.

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