Grace-Full Living

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I’m a big advocate of grace.

Maybe it’s because I need it so much in my own life. Maybe it’s because I’ve seen the frailties and weaknesses in all of us: inconsistent, awkward, insecure, overwhelmed, hesitant, failing, hurt, unsure of ourselves, broken, and, well, human.
But more than anything I think it’s because I’ve seen its transforming power.

Grace transforms people.

When leaders lead with grace what they do is see past our weaknesses and into our potential. Leaders who lead with grace bring out the best in others. They maximize a person’s strengths rather than obsess over their weaknesses.

Leaders who lead with grace see the beauty that can arise out of the ashes of our lives to become someone who can make a difference.

Leaders who lead with grace know and believe that on the other side of our weakness is strength. That on the flip side of insecurity is confidence. That although we are overwhelmed, we can overcome. That those who have been broken can be builders. And that losers can become leaders.

Yes, the greatest leaders I know live with a sense of grace-fullness.

Be a grace-full leader.

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