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We live in a world of sameness. Yet each organization, each seller of goods and services, seeks to be different and distinct. The ‘Big Box Stores’ all have a similarity. Most restaurants do a good job yet struggle with the same issues, thus, it feels somewhat the same wherever you dine. When it comes to Airlines, forget it, they all give you a miserable experience. Even online purchasing experience has a sameness to it.

Very few organizations have that elusive differentness that makes them stand out and get our attention—at least for any length of time. I can count on my hand the fast food chains that I would say are different, unique, special. I can count on my hand the Big Box stores that provide a unique experience. I can count on my hand the “middle class” restaurants that provide an atmosphere and experience that is noticeably memorable. And right now, I can’t even count one Airline that I would say provides a pleasurable experience.

The only qualifier to this is if you want to pay a million dollars for something you might get something different. But for the average person, living an average life, the places you/we shop and dine are, well, just average. They’re all the same to some extent.
Who will step up and provide the mass of us an exceptional experience for an average amount of money? More importantly, how are they going to do that?
It takes courage to be different. It takes risk.

Many years ago, there was an office furniture manufacture who was fairly “new” in the marketplace. Office furniture manufacturers were notorious for delivery problems. Late deliveries, short and damaged product were common. This manufacture decided to make a bold courageous move: deliver the order in four weeks or they would pay the invoice!

That’s bold and different! (frankly, I don’t think they were able to sustain their offer).
What makes you different, really different? What sets you apart? What kind of experience can your customers have with your organization that they can’t with others?

Find that, flaunt that, live that.

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