Watching Transformation

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I can’t resist. It’s too overwhelming. Yes, I’m going to talk about Tiger. I have written about him before but what I hope everyone observed this past Sunday was that at the base of this comeback story, at its fundamental core, what we witnessed was not just a comeback but the transformation of an individual.

We saw a man who had been broken become a better, more mature, more content, more joyful, and more endearing version of himself. We saw a better Tiger. In my upcoming book: Leadership Qualities People Crave, I say this:

“Maybe it’s just me, but I love to hear people who talk about how they’ve struggled, how they’ve fallen, how they messed up, how they were hurt or broken. Now that’s someone I can relate to!”

We love a comeback because so many of us need hope that we too can be restored.
We love to see the broken rise out of the ashes of their lives because many of us are rebuilding from the ashes of our own lives.

We love to hear about redemption, because we too want to be redeemed.

And so to the broken, the fallen, the hurt, and the human, the story played out by Tiger last Sunday gives us hope in the human spirit.

Because we want grace, we give grace to others; and when we give grace to others, we are filled with a sense of grace ourselves!

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