Delivering Hope

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A big part of a Servant Leader’s job is to deliver hope to those who work for them.

Hope brings energy, passion, and patience to people. Hope creates loyalty, dedication, and long-term commitment to employers.

Most people want to believe that there is a future for them at their place of work. They are looking for some kind of progression or pathway in which they will gain more responsibility, a better fit and use of their talents, and of course financial return.

The unfortunate thing is that so many people live in a place of discouragement. They feel stuck. Pigeonholed. Empty. Lost. In short, hopeless.

Hope is a matter of perspective, both on the employer’s part and the employees part.

How do you deliver hope in such a way that your employees will feel hopeful?

-feel hopeful yourself. You can’t give what you don’t have. If you are hopeful and feel good about what’s happening in your organization and yourself you can genuinely be ready to deliver hope to others.

-speak words of hope. Words of hope are: you can, I believe in you, you have so much potential, we’re preparing you for…., your next step is…., you are so good at….,

-have a personal pathway designed for every employee. Don’t wait until something comes up, plan on it. Have a progression path for each employee and talk about it often. People don’t expect to go from A to Z, but they would like to progress from A to B.
Hope isn’t felt in isolation, but hopelessness is. To feel hopeless is to feel we are in the fight all by ourselves. To feel hope is to know someone is there, all the time, cheering you on.

Servant Leaders are a constant source of hope for those they serve.

Be a Servant Leader and deliver hope.

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