burnoutMany years ago, a manager was bragging to me about how hard he worked. He told me he was always working…. work, work, work; that’s all he does. He told me that even when he was home he was working. He would make the schedule, be on the phone, do planning and so on.

I looked him straight in the eyes and asked, “What’s your breaking point?”

His response startled me, “Oh, I don’t have a breaking point,” he told me.


Denial is a powerful thing. It can blind you to reality.

The reality is that we all have a breaking point: that point in which we are so fatigued and burnt out because we have been working so hard and so many hours, we are so drained of energy that we become ineffective.

After that encounter I did a brief survey of some managers and asked them: what happens to you when you get drained and burnt out?

The responses were:
-My thinking gets fuzzy, as a result, I don’t make good decisions
-I get “short” with people at work, or worse yet, with the people I love the most at home
-My work isn’t excellent, it’s good enough to get by but not my best
-I tend to hide from people and problems so I don’t have to deal with it

The solution is obvious, but not easy: you must design some way to recharge your batteries into your schedule. The reason this is not easy is because we have developed a life-style habit to overwork. Doing something less seems lazy and irresponsible. But it’s the exact opposite.

Here is my challenge to you: at the start of every week, schedule things that replenish and restore you. It could be playing a round of golf, reading a book, meeting with a friend, going out to dinner with your spouse, etc.

The motivational question to you is: do you have the courage to be excellent over the long-haul or would you like to sacrifice your mental, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual self by burning yourself out?

Your choice.

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