Your calling

Are you called to do what you do? What do I mean by that? A calling is an urge, a longing, a sense of destiny, a feeling that in a certain place you will be fulfilled. It is a pull, a tug, or even a push. It is a connection to something within a certain … More Your calling

Grace-Full Living

I’m a big advocate of grace. Maybe it’s because I need it so much in my own life. Maybe it’s because I’ve seen the frailties and weaknesses in all of us: inconsistent, awkward, insecure, overwhelmed, hesitant, failing, hurt, unsure of ourselves, broken, and, well, human. But more than anything I think it’s because I’ve seen … More Grace-Full Living

Behavior Planning

You’ve made your plans for next year. You’ve set goals. You calculated the numbers and have budgets in place. You’re gearing up filled with excitement about what next year can bring to you and your organization. But hold on. You may have missed something. In all of your planning and working with the numbers, did … More Behavior Planning


Who do you know that loves to wait? No one. Almost every time when we go to a restaurant I say to my wife, “I hope we don’t have to wait!” Last night we showed up at a Mexican restaurant we hadn’t been to before, and we arrived early for the dinner hour, and as … More Waiting

A Thankful Heart

There is just something about being thankful that removes walls and barriers in our life. The power of thankfulness can overcome depression and anxiety. And thankfulness provides us a way of understanding that while everything may not work out the way we planned, the way things have worked out can be pretty amazing. Thankfulness doesn’t … More A Thankful Heart