Growing in Gratitude

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Let’s face it, we always want more.

We spend about 5 minutes being grateful and 55 minutes grinding about that which we don’t have.  Because we are goal-oriented people that means we’re never satisfied.   It’s OK to be goal oriented because without it, nothing would get done.  We need goals.  However, our goals should never rob us of enjoyment of the journey toward those goals.  Goals should never rob us of being grateful for being able to pursue those goals.  Goals should never rob us of our gratitude for the job we have, and the people we work with.  Goals should never rob us from the joy we have in loving the people that are the most important to us.  Goals should never rob us of the gratitude and gratefulness we feel for the life we have.

As we grow older, we begin to see life more and more though the lens of gratefulness and gratitude. There is something about the reality of mortality that makes us ever more grateful for each moment and each person. As we get older, we grow in gratitude.

For this Thanksgiving, I would hope you take the time to indulge in, bask in, and wallow in the spirit of Thanksgiving. If you don’t mind, I will take the lead…

–I am filled with gratitude for my wife, Claudia, who has been on this roller-coaster life we’ve lived, always looking for what God has in mind for us, wherever we are.

–For my children, Heidi, Matt, Brent, Nate, Nicole and Ethan who are just about the most wonderful people you you’d ever want to meet.  They are the joy of my life and I’m so thankful for them.

–Their spouses, Hani, Shelly, Jasmine, Susan, and Courtney.  The best “mates” I could hope for my kids.  They are truly the kind of people that bring the best out in you—as they do for my children.

–For my grandchildren; Aeryk, Madison, Makenzie, Zoey, Aubrey, Camila, and Emma.  So special. So wonderful. My heart fills with gratefulness every time we are together.

–For the friends of my life. You have meant more to me than you’ll ever know.

–For the most wonderful company in the world, Pizza Ranch, ( whom I’ve had and still have the great privilege of helping make a difference in the lives of their managers.

–And I am so grateful for my church, Central Church, a place where “It’s OK to not be OK.” A place of grace and mercy and acceptance.  So much healing goes on in that place every week it’s amazing.

–For our small group, Doug and Debby, Marcus and Patti, Dave and Sue.  You are real, genuine, accepting and grace-filled people.

Now it’s your turn; take a few minutes right now to go through yours list of people you’re grateful for, and when you do, it will make your day a day of gratefulness


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